That Siargao Vibe

What makes your soul feel alive?

If you’re just like me and travelling is your kind of high, this blog post is for you.

Let me give you a rundown of the travel-related things that make me feel alive.

  • Seat sale!

I flew to Siargao for only PHP 2,500! It wasn’t “piso fare” but still, it’s cheaper compared to the regular fare. I booked this flight 7 months ahead through Cebu Pacific. Took a connecting flight to Cebu and then to Siargao. Opting for this flight saved us buckets. I chose the flight with only an hour of waiting time that’s just enough for us to have breakfast at Mactan (Cebu) airport. There’s a direct flight though via Skyjet Airlines but it’s more expensive. I think Cebu Pacific is also offering limited direct flights to Siargao.

  • My birthday month – September

Ever since I graduated, I see to it that I have a birthday getaway. I have a list of travel destinations I want to visit, even as specific as the name of the resort. I believe it’s really important to have a desire to go to a certain place because it would be easier to plan ahead. Not to mention, when you’re looking forward to something, you have the motivation to work hard for it. I am also grateful for my family and for the people I’ve worked with and I’m working with, for allowing me to go and for understanding that travelling during this time of the year is vital for my well-being. Haha

Also, September to October is the peak season in Siargao. This is the time wherein the waves are conducive to surfing. International competitions also happen during these months. Luckily, we went there a week before the competitions so we were able to explore the island without the flock of tourists. And luckily, our surf instructor had so much confidence in us and took us to Cloud 9 to surf and not in other surfing spots. Ticking that off of my bucket list!

  • Discovering the gems of the island

You won’t discover if you won’t explore. From General Luna, we had to travel via habal habal for an hour and a half to get to Sugba Lagoon. Before reaching the famed lagoon, we took a boat that passed through a huge and tranquil mangrove forest. Spent a good few hours paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling and jumping off that diving board. (By the way, if you’ve been to Palawan, Sugba Lagoon won’t impress you that much.) Next stop: Magpupungko Rock Pools & Tidal Flats. It took us another hour to get there. You have to consider the time of your visit to be able to access the rock pools. The emerald pools only show up during the low tide. These are two of the must visit spots in Siargao Island.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.12.56 AM
Sugba Lagoon, Del Carmen
Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.08.38 AM
Magpupungko Rock Pools, Pilar

Aside from nature, the restaurants and resorts can also be considered as gems of the island because of its cozy ambiance and design, and really good food. AND THE PEOPLE – locals were super friendly and accommodating! We based our itinerary from their tips and suggestions. They’ll give you the best advice where to go when. They also base the schedule of some activities from the tides, as in high tide or low tide. Cool isn’t it?

On a side note, I thought we can just walk from one destination to another but the establishments are quite far from each other. It’s not walking distance like in Boracay or La Union. So you’ll ride the habal habal or motorbike most of the time. You can also rent a car or take a tricycle if you’re with a group.

We also went island hopping to nearby islands – Guyam, Daku and Naked Island. We had the boat all to ourselves for only P1,500, a standard rate per boat for the 3 islands already. When I go back, I will explore other places like Pacifico Beach, Tayangban Cave Pool and other surf spots.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.13.10 AM
Guyam Island
  • Adventures

Surfing and island hopping are fun, but the mini adventures are really those that you won’t forget–

Mini adventures like intentionally waiting for big waves to hit our faces, being caught in a downpour, getting reef cuts while surfing, panicking and swimming away from jellyfish (that are actually stingless) and walking along the main road with only the phone flashlight as the source of light.

To sum it all up, Siargao gave me that “high” and kilig! All of these experiences keep me wanting to travel more.

Siargao please stay as you are!! I will come back for you!

Looking forward to my next visit and

  1. Rent my own motorbike
  2. Surf in other surfing spots
  3. Check out the nightlife
  4. Visit more restaurants and try their specialty, etcetera, etcetera

Hope you can visit the island too as soon as you can!

From Siargao, we headed to Surigao del Sur; travelled by sea and land for 9 hours across CARAGA region to see Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls. Then, we took a cheap flight again from Butuan going back to Manila.

Watch my action-packed Siargao travel video and see all the fun things we did there!

Travel dates: September 2017

Location: Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte, Philippines


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