Discover Scuba

“Discover Scuba” or introductory dive aims to let you try scuba diving and see for yourself if diving is for you, or not. This is perfect for those who have never dived before, but have been wanting to give it a try. It’s like a one-time bigtime experience for you to enjoy the underwater world but with supervision.

I don’t wanna sound like a pro here because I’m not. Disclaimer: These are just the terms and activities that I can recall from my first ever dive. Read on 🙂

We arrived and checked in at Acuaventure Reef Club Resort in Anilao, Batangas a little after sunrise. After breakfast, we headed to a small room for the briefing and quick lesson on hand signals – when everything’s ok, when something’s wrong, when you need to swim up to the surface (ascend), etc., other basic skills and major points like possible problems that could happen underwater.

Then, pool session started at 9am. We were taught how to breathe properly, how to inflate and deflate our vests (BCD), swim with fins etc. They also taught us cool underwater skills like how to remove water if it gets in our mask and also to “equalize” – how to relieve pressure in the ears.

Personally, I’ve realized that scuba diving requires trust. You tend to entrust your life to 3 things: 1) your gears – wet suit, that heavy (I forgot how many pounds) weight belt, BCD (buoyancy control device), air tank, mask, snorkel, fins, etc., 2) to your instructor – that she/he won’t let you touch anything poisonous and 3) your dive buddies- that they would not slap your face with their fins or their hose would not get entangled in yours and most especially that they would take well-composed videos of you haha

Legit diving experience

I find it amusing that there’s a whole other galaxy down there. Knowing that it’s not your territory freaks me out a bit, but staying underwater for more than an hour made me forget the world above it, OUR world. And that itself was quite an experience.


Each of us in the group waited patiently beneath the surface for our turn to explore the dive site. By the way in scuba diving, you must not hold your breath unlike in free diving. As the saying goes, just “keep calm and breathe.” So while waiting, I was able to focus on my breathing and nothing else. It was a magical feeling.

Few tips I could give as a first-timer:

  1. Be mindful of how you feel. One of my friends gestured a self-hug. The signal was instinctive but I learned just now that it’s an official hand signal which means “I’m cold.” Apparently she experienced (mild) hypothermia. Her lips turned purple and she felt a bit dizzy right after the dive. Inform your instructor immediately if there’s something wrong. (She still enjoyed the dive, don’t worry)
  2. Don’t panic. You have a lot of mental notes to consider during the dive. In other words, you need to be attentive. Relax, because your certified instructor will be there every step of the way.
  3. Look around and enjoy!

We finished our dive just in time for the buffet lunch 🙂


Okay? Okay. 💙


So, I’m ending my blog post with this statement: I ticked off another item on my bucket list!!

Watch our whole intro scuba diving experience. Listen to the song lyrics as well and I hope you get inspired:

Special thanks to our good friends/certified PADI open water divers Eva & Jay for taking the videos, and to Ms. Joy of DiveNet Philippines for everything! Check them out! Try scuba and see for yourself.

P.S. I absolutely want to enroll in an open water diving course but, priorities! I haven’t really allotted money for it yet. One day!


Adventure date: November 2016

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