Aboard Your Own Floating Cottage


I’m so glad that I finally have a venue where I can share just about anything. Most of the time, I just post photos on Instagram or Facebook with very minimal captions. Now I have all the space to tell a story and share a bunch of information.

So, a lot of people have been asking me about this certain floating cottage in Caliraya. To those who are not familiar with this place, Caliraya Lake is a man-made lake located at Lumban, Laguna. There are several lakeside resorts, private rest houses and camping sites that are situated in the area. I am a bit familiar with it because when I was a kid- maybe 10y/o, we held family reunions in one of the islands owned by my mom’s uncle. I haven’t gotten back from then on.

Until recently, my friend and I went to this quaint resort named Aquascape (formerly Eco Saddle). Travel time from Metro Manila is almost 3 hours on a private car and it’s reachable with the help of Waze app. It’s actually closer to Antipolo but Waze redirected us to SLEX (South Luzon Expressway). We came in on Sunday afternoon so we were the lone guests of the resort. The staff easily gained our trust because they were so accommodating. They all gladly offered their assistance and answered all our queries. Thanks Ate Salve, Kuya Jun and Kuya “abs” 😉

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We rented the floating cottage, definitely the main attraction of the place. The cottage is good for four (4) pax for only Php 5,000 (overnight) as of this writing. We also paid Php80/head environmental fee charged by the local barangay upon entrance. The cottage is equipped with a small restroom & kitchen (with gas range, plates, utensils, pans etc), two (2) queen-sized beds, cooler, dining area, extra fan, couch, modern rocking chair, LCD TV with dvd player, laser lights, smoke machine, and love the surround speakers with aux by the way! There are no restaurants or stores there, so we brought our own food and supplies i.e. ice, dishwashing soap, sponge, tissue. They also have griller outside the cottage, just bring charcoal to be sure. For the restroom, we barely used the one inside the floating cottage since it was so cramped. They allowed us to use the other cottage’s restroom which is bigger and more comfy.

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Our only concern was the cottage didn’t have any lock that time. We didn’t bother to ask for a padlock anymore, we just did an improvised lock. Safety first! And my personal concern, this is just me – there were many frogs. I know we can’t do anything about this of course since it was raining the whole day. So if it’s raining and if you’re afraid of frogs, just don’t go outside the cottage at night because they’re everywhere. 😉

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For your dose of water sports activities, you can use the following with a minimal fee:

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If you opt not to rent the floating cottage, there are other rooms for you to choose from (karaoke room, tree house, mahjong room, villa with bunk beds, villa with terrace) which cost less than Php5000. Didn’t take photos of the cottages, though they posted several photos on their Facebook page “Cottages and Many More.”


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I must say, we really had a good sleep because the place felt like home. One of the best feelings in the world is waking up with the view of the calm lake and the beautiful sunrise. Oh, and thank God for the clear skies this time!

After prepping our breakfast, the staff hopped in and operated the “floating cottage.”

We almost did not finish our breakfast coz we were so amazed at the thought that we’re actually inside a moving house. It was surprisingly stable while cruising and even when we went idle right in the middle of the lake. We stayed there for like an hour or so, went kayaking and just savored the rare moment. We did not swim tho because we’re not sure how deep the water is.

The nice thing about this place is you can spend your stay however you like – be it pure relaxation or a turnt up house party (what else are the laser lights & smoke machine for?). They won’t bother. As for us, we opted to just chill and relish the serenity that is far from the hustle and bustle of the city and work life. And mission accomplished, we left the place feeling refreshed.

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Here’s proof that the cottage is really detachable from the dock. WATCH:

Book your stay via cottagesandmanymore@gmail.com



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