Well, this is a first.

Have you ever told yourself that you’re gonna sleep early but end up checking your phone? That’s me most of the time. So one night upon browsing my Facebook feed, I came across this Thought Catalogue article written by Heidi Priebe, “You’re Life Doesn’t Wait Until You’re Ready.

It says, “No risk will ever be simple. You’re going to fail and be criticized regardless of which life path you take – so why not take the one that challenges you? Why not engage in the choices that grow you? Why not pour your heart and soul into something that inspires and invigorates you and ultimately leaves you better for having done it? ”

So here I am. Some supernatural being must have brought me here. I’m still in the process of learning about this blogging thing. Please don’t expect too much. I will just be sharing my travel experiences and I’ll be thinking out loud most of the time but who knows, maybe you’ll get something from me just like how Heidi’s article moved me.

Happy reading! xo


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